Sakury Skincare

SAKURY skincare brand presents a new way of exfoliating the skin, which is gentle on the skin itself and it has the beneficial effect of the mineral silica. Mineral microexfoliation is suitable for both cosmetic and dermal care. The mineral abrasive surface is made by patented technology using silicon dioxide with a purity of 99.7%. In addition to gentle cleansing and exfoliation, the abrasive surface delivers silica directly to the skin and nails.

Fytofontana Stem Cells

The cosmetic line of Swiss products Fytofontana Stem Cells with stem cells, represents the scientific pinnacle of cosmetic products. Decades of scientific research by Dr. Fiker, the high content of state-of-the-art active ingredients and their unique combination guarantee that the Fytofontana Stem Cells range represents the highest category of cosmetic products in skin care. The secret of innovation lies in the unique combination of TrioStem3 complex and peptides.

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Virostop products help to prevent flu, A, B, cold and COVID-19 including new mutations. Substantial reduction of the rist to get infected by SARS-CoV-2. The patented mix of active natural ingredients in Virostop, mechanically protects against the penetration of viruses into your organism. Virostop are natural products with no known side-effects.